Since September 2014 we are working on a project entitled “Health on the Move” that aims at exploring the social, ethical and political underpinnings of portable technologies for health and wellbeing. Mobile technologies have been making their entrance in the realm of healthcare and wellbeing. An increasing number of websites advertise apps for smartphones and tablets and wearable gadgets that enable individuals to track their eating/sleeping/moving patterns, patients to collect their vital signs and manage their conditions and clinical professionals to share and integrate patients’ data and conduct screenings outside the clinics (thanks to add-on devices for their phones).

Through interviews with patients, healthy users, health professionals and technology developers, this project explores how mobile health (mHealth) can be expected to co-shape people’s experiences and identities. We aim at entering into a dialogue with health professionals, technology developers and policy makers about ethically and socially sustainable ways of using, prescribing, designing and regulating mHealth tools.

For a more extended description of the project check out the page About and for a full list of publications see: Output. For more information about us, see the page People.


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